Monday, October 7, 2013

When customers are ripped off, when store 'experts' don't know what they are doing, the average bear stews for awhile and lets it slide.
In the past when I have encountered an asshole, I stride to be a bigger asshole then them.

In the past years I have fought in vain but I have won a few. In protest I started a website that will soon reach a half million readers. A city was going to make me pay for a water line for a complete block, the health department was going to make everyone pay to have inspectors inspect their septic tanks and I bought an "as is' vehicle where I saw they had intentionally concealed damage... Well in all of these fights I came out on top of the big stinkers.

As for my recent conflict with Bad Butts, they have not paid for that one, but I did get a new replacement from the manufacturer today. Now it is my intent to make them pay for being assholes.
So far I believe they ripped me off for $79 that I do not intend to get back, but it is my hope to make it cost them $8000.00 in lost profits by informing the public of some information.

The way I am now finding you I am contacting in this start up period is by looking for complaints on the internet. Bad Butts have also offended you, that is why you are writing blogs and protesting in forums... but what the hell do they care ... scattered cry babies bitching where no one pays any attention to them?

Well in my little plan anyone of you will have the ability to expose potential buyers before they make their purchase ... and any of them can click on f  or t to share that information with all of their friends on facebook or twitter. 

I won't reveal the plan now because it must be a Blitzkrieg. While they will be aware there is a 'hair brain' plan to take them on, it must be a lighting strike so they have no chance to counter it.

It should be able to be put in place and within 3 days, cost them tens of thousands in lost profits.
On January 1st 2014 they could be grasping for those lost dollars. Do they deserve it, well if the information is true then there potential customers will decide if Bad Butts deserve their money.

I suppose lots of you like to play strategy   games .. video games, well keep an eye on this blog until 2014.
If you want to be notified by e-mail when the action starts and decide if it is a legal way for you to take a punch at Bad Butts, I have created a newsletter you can sign up to.
I do not care what your e-mail address is. E-mail address are free, you can create one and sign up with that one if you like or come back here and check when the plan is ready to go into effect.

You can go to the web address and subscribe 

Or from the e-mail address you want to receive the message, just send an e-mail to

You can also just come back to this blog. I think you can subscribe to it and get updates.

Most customers just bitch and moan after they get the shaft, it is only those who fight back that might make Best Butts play nice :)

What could you do in the meantime. I put 'best buy idiots' in a google search and found lots of complaints. With your web search skills, start collecting a list of forums/blogs/web sites where others are venting their anger.

If you know others who have been burnt in the past, paste this in their view.

Enter some of those forums and direct them to this blog.
Of course you can click on f or t below to share this blog on facebook or twitter :)

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